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The Ultimate Bali Tour: Bali Tribe, By Travel Tribe

Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods, is the stuff of dreams for many travellers around the world. The crown jewel of Indonesia conjures up images of sweeping rice paddies, blue swelling surf in Canggu, and a hippie beachcomber culture. For a small island, Bali is incredibly diverse—meaning it can be many things to many different people, which is part of the reason it’s so popular.

The Balinese are incredibly kind and welcoming to travellers, making it a destination of choice for many who return year after year. The days can be as full or as laidback as you like; picture artisan cocktails and ice-cold beers on the beach, funky restaurants at night (such as Mexicola and Ku De Ta), pumping nightlife (including the Brazilian-themed La Favela), all to the backdrop of world-class surf and jungle-covered mountains.

Backpacking destination? It’s at the top of the list for anybody planning to backpack Southeast Asia. Adventure? From white water rapids to hiking Mount Agung’s volcano, to trekking through the Balinese jungle, the heart of adventure beats here. Hell, even if you’re after a quick get away with your significant other, Bali has heavenly beaches with sky blue waters and diamond white sand. So, with an island that can be as beautiful and relaxing as it can be a party mecca, how do you decide what to do when there’s simply so much to do?

Travel Tribe’s Bali Tribe tour is renowned as the best Bali tour on the market for those seeking adventure, culture, and nature, with just the right amount of partying thrown in so that you can get the ultimate Bali experience. From surfing in Canggu with a group of awesome travel buddies, to snorkelling with sea turtles in the Gili Islands and exploring the bohemian enclave of Ubud, trekking up Mount Batur for the spectacular sunrise and white water rafting down the island’s longest river—this is the Bali tour to end all Bali tours!

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