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Bali Tribe

The Ultimate Bali Tour


The Adventure

Bali Tribe is the ultimate way to experience the beautiful culture, stunning scenery, and exciting adventures that can be found on what is know as 'The Island of the Gods'!

This trip is truly unforgettable and unbeatable: From trekking up Mount Batur at sunrise, to white water rafting down Bali's longest river, to sailing around the Gili islands, learning how to surf and swimming with sea turtles, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving you the perfect way to experience one of the world's most magical islands.

Spend 9 days with your new Tribe of travel buddies, where you'll explore bohemian Ubud, enjoy blissful beach time in Gili T, and experience first-hand why the whole world raves so much about kick-ass Canggu!

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The Bali Journey

Hammock Relaxing

DAY 1 | Welcome dinner with the Tribe, hit the town!

Once you land in Kuta, your driver will be waiting at the airport to pick you up, before whisking you away to Ubud were you'll meet the rest of the Tribe! We’ll head out for a welcome dinner on us, before kicking off the tour with a fun night out in this bohemian paradise!

DAY 2 | Explore the rice terraces, Elephant Cave, and beautiful waterfalls!

We start the morning with a scenic trek through Ubud's famous rice terraces, one of Bali's most photographed, blissful locations. Next, we head to the ancient Hindu Elephant Cave, a mysterious, spiritual place filled with archaeological relics and a bathing pool. We'll then have a traditional Balinese lunch before exploring some of the island's most amazing waterfalls.

DAY 3 | Sunrise trek up Mount Batur

Just after midnight, we'll depart to the base of Mount Batur where your epic, rewarding trek to the top of the volcano will begin! We'll arrive at the peak just in time for a spectacular sunrise, and enjoy a tasty breakfast (prepared using the heat of the volcano!) while taking in the inspiring panorama with the whole crew! This will be one experience we guarantee you won't forget....

DAY 4 | White water rafting on Bali's longest river!

The adventure never ends on Bali, we'll go white water rafting down the LONGEST river in Bali: Ayung River! Experience the rush of the pumping and bumping rapids, carving through stones and waterfalls, before wrapping up the day with a delicious Balinese lunch.

DAY 5 | Arrive in Gili Trawangan for a sunset cycling tour!

Today, we arrive in the magical island of Gili Trawangan, famous for its sunsets, cocktail bars and nightlife. In the afternoon, we'll get on our bikes (literally) and cruise along the long, white sandy beach to watch the famous sunset and enjoy a few drinks while taking in "Island Life"....

DAY 6 | Swim with cute sea turtles or hit the beach!

Bali Tribe is one giant adventure, but we also know that true travel shouldn't move too fast, so take the day to enjoy the beach with your new travel buddies, go for a swim in the bright blue sea, hit the bars, or join us on the optional "Day Dream Explorer" snorkelling adventure, where you'll get to swim with cute sea turtles, explore the other Gili islands (Meno and Air), and enjoy a BBQ onboard while we listen to beats and take in the breathtaking views! If you're unsure about whether to have a chilled beach day or an island adventure, don't worry, because we also have a sunset version of this optional tour starting later in the day!

DAY 7 | Arrive in funky Canggu!

Today, we take the fast boat back to the main island until we reach Bali's most talked-about "it" spot: Canggu! Spend the day exploring this funky little gem and get ready for tomorrow's surfing adventure!

DAY 8 | Learn how to surf & hit the town in style!

Bali is world-famous for surfing, so there's no better place to learn how to carve waves than here! We'll teach you everything you need to know to balance, position, stand-up and catch waves, and all to the backdrop of Canggu's tropical beauty! There's something magical about surfing, and when you catch your first wave you'll understand exactly what that is! Tonight, we have the option of going Canggu bar hopping, starting off with sunset cocktails before making our way around the town's most chic bars and lounges, complete with international DJs and awesome vibes. Following this, we'll go to the upper level of Mama San for more cocktails and tasty Asian bites, all prepared by the famous chef Will Meyrick! Is there a better way to top-off Bali Tribe than this?!

DAY 9 | Last day in paradise....

Today's our last day with the Bali Tribe, so after breakfast don't forget to add everyone on social and keep in touch!

The Inclusions



8 Nights / 9 Days in clean, safe, secure accommodation



From the most iconic temples of Bangkok to the southern islands & night spots, you'll see it all!



Our fun & friendly guides will be with you every step of the way, from Bangkok to Koh Phangan!



We'll include a range of meals, including beach BBQs



You'll go to the world's biggest and most famous beach party, the one and only 

Full Moon Party!



We'll get you from the airport in Bangkok and take you to the hotel to meet your Tribe!



Trains, buses, name it, it's included!



We'll take you to paradise to go snorkelling with tropical fish by day, and have crazy beach parties by night!



Unlike other tour companies, our guides are paid properly so you won't get stuck with hidden costs

What Our Travellers Say

Image by Marcin Kaliński

Shelly Bonrow

Bali was out of this world. I miss it so much already but am definitely coming back here!


Sarah Holland

Us girls had the best time as it was our first time in Thailand, and this tour was just perfect! Xo


Kat Benton

AJ was the best guide and loads of fun. Thanks so much cant wait for the next trip :)

Image by Matt Gross

Juan Petora

Amazing time with amazing people. Until next time crew we will be back!!

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