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Island Tribe

The Ultimate Thailand Tour


The Adventure

There’s no better way to see Thailand than on our 15-day Island Tribe tour! Join the Tribe as we take you to the very best parts of Thailand, including all the famous sites and secret spots that only the locals know about. Take a street food tour of Bangkok while visiting iconic Buddhist temples, party on Khao San Road, journey to the most beautiful island of them all—Koh Tao—and dance until sunrise at Koh Phangan’s famous Full Moon Party!

You'll also sleep on floating bungalows in Khao Sok National Park, trek through jungles as you make your way to the world’s oldest forest, and go wildlife spotting on a Night Safari! Snorkel crystal clear waters, go glamping in Phuket, and party your way through Koh Phi Phi’s famous nightlife!


And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ll take you exploring even more islands by boat, including Monkey Beach and the magical Maya Bay—made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio’s cult classic film, The Beach!

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The Journey

Hammock Relaxing

DAY 1 | Welcome dinner with the Tribe, followed by Bangkok's best bar crawl!

Once you land in Bangkok, your driver will be waiting at the airport to pick you up and take you straight to meet your new Tribe! We’ll head out for a welcome dinner on us, before kicking off the tour with a fun night out in Khao San Road!

DAY 2 | Visit traditional temples and taste the famous street food!

We start the morning with a scenic walking tour of Bangkok's charming streets, where you'll get to visit some of Asia's most iconic temples—including the Giant Swing. Along the way, you'll have the option to taste some of the local street food that Thailand is famous for! Tonight, we'll take the overnight bus to Koh Tao.

DAY 3 | Arrive in Koh Tao

Good things come in threes, right? So it’s only natural that on day 3 Travel Tribe would take you to one of the most beautiful islands in the world: Koh Tao. Get in and explore the town, pull up for a drink or hit the beach—the choice is yours!

DAY 4 | All-day snorkelling adventure, and an epic island bar crawl!

This morning, we’re taking you out on an epic snorkelling trip around Koh Tao, including stops at some of the world’s official Top 10 beaches, including Freedom Beach, Shark Island/Shark Bay, Mango Bay and plenty more. Swim amongst colourful tropical fish and coral, check out some amazing viewpoints on the island, hang out with black-tip reef sharks in crystal-clear waters, and return back with your Tribe before we take you out on a super-fun bar crawl!

DAY 5 | Arrive in Koh Phangan and explore the island!

Today, we take a catamaran to the island of Koh Phangan, where you'll have some free time before we meet up later in the night to explore the island!

DAY 6 | Free day

The calm before the storm, as they say, given that tomorrow we'll be heading to the world-famous Full Moon Party! Take it easy (you are on holiday, after all), and enjoy the beaches or a traditional Thai massage.

DAY 7 | Attend the legendary Full Moon Party!

This is what you came for, right? Well, on top of all the other kick-ass goodies Travel Tribe gives you! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for: the world-famous Full Moon Party! We’ll kick off the night with some fun drinking games, get your geared-up in neon paint, and head to the party for a wild night unlike anything else in the world. The Tribe is a wild bunch and we’ll be partying until the sun comes up—and then partying some more!

DAY 8 | Recovery day

Last night was a blast and you probably have a sore head, so today is a free day where you can soak up the sun on the beach, go for a swim, or continue the party (it’s not unheard of)! Go for a massage in the afternoon if you like, before you join your new friends for dinner and we discuss tomorrow's plans!

DAY 9 | Journey to Khao Sok, embark on a jungle trek, and go wildlife-spotting!

The real life Jurassic Park awaits you: Today, you and the Tribe will venture to Khao Sok National Park, one of nature’s dreamiest, most chilled-out locations where limestone boulders emerge out of jade-green waters, surrounded by jungle, waterfalls, and rainforests. We’ll head out for a swim before lacing up our shoes and going on a jungle trek. Tonight, we'll go wildlife-spotting before you hit the sack in one of the floating bungalows!

DAY 10 | Night Safari!

After we check-in at another beautiful area of Khao Sok, we'll get ready to gear-up for a Night Safari in one of the world's oldest rainforests, taking you up close and personal with all sorts of cool, exotic wildlife: from monkeys to tapirs, wild elephants to the elusive leopard, who knows what we'll see!

DAY 11 | Experience Koh Phi Phi's crazy nightlife!

We leave behind Khao Sok to take you to one of Thailand's most famous islands—the eclectic Koh Phi Phi! Tonight, we’ll go out on a bar crawl and party at the best nightspots the island has to offer, and even catch a traditional Muay Thai fight at Reggae Bar!

DAY 12 | Island-hopping adventure and sunset cocktails!

Today is all yours! Hit the beach, soak up some sun, or take an optional tour around the islands with a visit to Maya Bay (made famous by the legendary backpacker film, 'The Beach')! We'll then spend the evening having some fancy sunset cocktails....

DAY 13 | Glamping in wild, sunny Phuket!

Glamping on a tropical Thai island filled with stunning beaches, all-night bars and crazy, colourful nightlife is the bucket list item you never knew you had! Settle in before exploring more of the island with your Tribe, and see what makes Phuket a place for the wicked and the wonderful!

DAY 14 | Island tour or visit the Elephant Sanctuary, farewell party

Free day today, but with the option to join a tour of the island's scenic beach roads, colonial architecture, hip art galleries, local markets and ancient temples. Alternatively, you can choose to support the ethical treatment of elephants with a visit to a local sanctuary, giving you the chance to bring a smile to the injured and unwell elephants who have been exploited by poor logging and unethical tourism activities. Travel Tribe is committed to the rehabilitation and proper treatment of these beautiful animals, and invites you to help us support the true heroes who dedicate their lives to saving them. You'll have the opportunity to feed them while learning about their individual backgrounds, before finishing off your elephant bonding experience with a vegetarian Thai buffet. Tonight we'll treat you to a delicious BBQ before hitting the town for one last big one!

DAY 15 | Last day in paradise....

It's the last day of Island Tribe. Make sure to stay in contact with your new Tribe, and ask your friendly guide for any help or advice you may need for onward travel. Until next time!

The Inclusions



14 Nights / 15 Days in clean, safe, secure accommodation



From the most iconic temples of Bangkok to Maya Bay, Khao Sok & Phuket -  you'll see it all!



Our fun & friendly guides will be with you every step of the way, from Bangkok to Phuket!



We'll include a range of meals, including beach BBQs



You'll go to the world's biggest and most famous beach party, the one and only 

Full Moon Party!



We'll get you from the airport in Bangkok and take you to the hotel to meet your Tribe!



Trains, buses, name it, it's included!



We'll take you to paradise to go snorkelling with tropical fish by day, and have crazy beach parties by night!



Unlike other tour companies, our guides are paid properly so you won't get stuck with hidden costs

What Our Travellers Say

Image by Marcin Kaliński

Shelly Bonrow

Bali was out of this world. I miss it so much already but am definitely coming back here!


Sarah Holland

Us girls had the best time as it was our first time in Thailand, and this tour was just perfect! Xo


Kat Benton

AJ was the best guide and loads of fun. Thanks so much cant wait for the next trip :)

Image by Matt Gross

Juan Petora

Amazing time with amazing people. Until next time crew we will be back!!

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